Monday, 4 May 2015

So, I failed. Again

I never manage to keep up with blogs.
The main issue being that I start to write but get distracted and then it's 3 weeks later and what is written is irrelevant.
I've got about 6 unfinished and unpublished posts.
I guess the main problem is that blogging take much more brain action that vlogging. I talk and then sometimes I edit but usually I don't and that it!
With this is harder to make sure I make sense. Lol

So I will endeavour to gat back at it and not be so pants.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant, well 12+3. It's going so fast.
I'm tired and a bit sick but over all really good.

The best thing in this moment is Edith's on the trampoline and she is so happy she is singing and shouting. I am hoping the neighbours find it as cute as I do and aren't getting annoyed. Ha.
George and Alice are sucking up by vacuuming and tidying so they can earn x box time. It's already has a sort of gravitational pull for them. I'm not pleased about this!
I am that mean mum though who won't let them play certain games. They are allowed parent controlled minecraft (no monsters) and Disney infinity (both types). For now that is everything then want and makes them happy when they are allowed to play (1 hour a day on weekends).

I never really know what to write. I'm not interesting enough to really have a subject worth going over. It's more like a diary of my irratic thoughts which I doubt would entertain anyone else. And probably not even me in 10 years time... Or maybe it will.

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