Thursday, 21 August 2014

For those who wander the world of written words...

And not YouTube.

I mainly vlog on YouTube as a surrogate, mother, unbalanced individual and Brit.
I make little sense to myself and apparently amuse others possibly sometimes at my own expense but I'm not overly vain so I can deal with that.

Last year I was a surrogate and had a rather cute little boy (even if I do say so myself).

So the basics... I was a traditional surrogate, this means I used my own eggs. So yes, he is genetically linked to myself but no I do no view him as 'mine'.
I personally feel being a parent is about actually being a parent and not some genetic link. If the poor boy falls over in the playground and grazes his knee, it would not be me he would run to for comfort and magic kisses, it would be his parents.

We did at home inseminations (I won't lie, they are a bit gross but sometimes we do gross things as they are more than worth it) and so it cost very little but was extremely efficient.
We all had all the tests done before embarking in the journey. We are not fools.
None of us were riddled with diseases, mentally unstable or criminally minded. We did not have a lawyer (that is illegal in England... Stupid I know) but he is now fully and legally his parents son.

The pregnancy was pretty straight forward. I moaned very little regardless of what my husband says. I was awesome (shut up Darren!) and he came, at home in a birthing pool at 1:22am. He weighed (I think) 7lbs and 3.5 oz... I could be wrong. I forget. (I do know my own children's weights) all the info (including me in labour) is on YouTube under Lumdeedums, so feel free to have a nose if you so feel inclined.

He went home that day with his daddies and all is good. We still see them and it's his first birthday in under 2 weeks (OMG!) and we will be at his party. He's a damn good looking wee thing! Hahahaha
I'll see if my IPs let me share a photo.

I'm now on a second journey as a surrogate but this time I'm being a Gestational Surrogate. This means I am having (or had as we did a round previously that sadly did not stick properly) a blast that is fully and completely my IPs, created via IVF, places into my uterus. Ivf is such a stress. I cannot even begin to explain what a head fluff it is! Lol
Really hoping this baby sticks. My IPs are amazing. They are a man a woman this time as well so the total opposite of my first go.
They also have an adorable little girl who's a bit you get than my youngest.
So my first set of IPs were same sex couple who had no children and we did TS.
This time is a hetero couple who have a child and we are doing GS.
I plan to document the whole journey as long as it's possible to do so. I may even ask if I can film or take pics during scans or  transfer.

Surrogacy wise I can't think of anything else to add to this essay.
I will probably do vlogs about my family life as well.
The basics in that are.....
I meet my husband at 13, we got together when I was 15.
Engaged at 18 and married at 21.
At 23 I had out son, George. He is now 8.
16 months later I had our daughter Alice who is now 7.
After a failed journey as a surrogate (missed miscarriage at 11 weeks and a small op) I fell pregnant with our youngest, Edith's. She's just turned 3 and suspected autistic. She is awesome! She doesn't talk much but she smiles and giggles a lot.  She's currently on my back and has in in a strangle hold......

So I'm going to get off and chase her around the house a bit before baking cupcakes and cleaning out the animals (don't panic, we will wash our hands between the various activities!)

Have a good day/evening/night.

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