Saturday, 27 June 2015

Our lost cat returns!

So on Alice's birthday, we saw Hermione a couple times but after that there was no sign for 2 weeks.
I called around all the vets, the RSPCA, even the local highway maintenance incase she'd been road kill.
It was awful. I know some say that she's 'just a cat' but here, in their house, they are family members and much loved.
We walked the local area, asked people to check garages. I didn't want to do posters as last time my cat went missing (ok this was 11 years ago now) whilst I was putting out posters a woman told me she's seen my poor Seamus dead. He'd been hit by a car. I'm still heartbroken all these years later. My poor baby. He was so badly abused that he had brain damage. We rescued him and his brother from cats protection. They were called Ronnie and Reggie but no one knew who was who and they didn't respond to their names anyway so we renamed them Seamus (Shay-Mus) and Sirius (Ser-I-Us). I didn't want to temp fate so I didn't do posters. I realise that's a really idiotic way to think but shhhh. I'm a moron...
Anyway after 2 weeks I woke at 3am to loud meows. Sat bolt upright in bed, looked at my get and there was Sirius fast asleep. I knew our baby was home! I squealed rather loudly 'HERMIONES HOME!' Waking (and probably scaring the crap out of) Darren. Hahaha. Bless him.
She was so so skinny, still is. Covered in ticks and scratches. Somehow I don't think she was being fed by anyone else and I doubt she was locked away anywhere (due to the ticks) so assuming she want for a wander along the canal or in the woods etc and got well and truly lost.
I am so so glad she's home. So there I was, up at 3am, feeding her. Then checking her over. No damage to her nails so I don't believe she's been hit by a car (they automatically try and cling on so their claws get ruined) thankfully. So I removed all the ticks and gave her a lot of affection.
She's very loving atm. Will be going to the vets for a check up next week to be safe.
Just plan to fatten her up and watch all the scabs on her heal.
I'm hoping, beyond hope, that she has decided not to go wandering off like that again.
Poor Alice was devastated too. But so pleased she's back. Daddy even woke her at 3am to show her Hermione so she knew. Lol. She went back to sleep with a smile on her face.
I'll add photos when I'm on the laptop if I can work out how. Lol. I suck.

Anyway, I hope I've not bored you completely with my pointless tale of the idiot cat who wandered off.

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